Bottle blowing machine
Model No.: SCJ-75E+S2X4.10G(120)
Category: Extrusion blow molding machine, Hybrid electric blow molding machine
Feature: Mono layer
Plastic proceed: PE、PP
Application: Barrel, Jerr can, Bottle etc.
Max. extrusion capacity: 60kg/h+14kg/h +2kg/h
Production Volume: 10L
Mold station: 2
No. of Die heads: 1
Extruder diameter: 75mm
Min. mold clamping distance: 230~270 adjustable
Thickness control system: Yes
Warranty: One Year Guarantee 
Machine customization: Yes
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1.Full-electric for the machine, energy saving and environment protection. Energy reduced 50%~60% if comparing with hydraulic machine.
2.Full-electric digital control to achieve precise position. position accuracy for mold movement improve to 0.03mm from 0.05mm(Hydraulic machine).
3.Most efficient energy utilization realized by full-electric digital control system. Servo motor drive machine directly, reduce the energy consumption during energy conversion process for hydraulic machine.
4.Shorten cycle time. 19.6s is realizable for product.
5. Save labor cost. With three axes servo driven robots, it’s able to reduce 2 workers for each machine. Saving staff wage and management cost therefore.
6. Meet highly hygienic standard. Full electric driven machine is more suitable for the application of food, beverage, medicine etc. which has strict hygienic requirement.
7.Utility model patents and know how is applying to this machine.

product feature
1. Equip with servo motor to drive die-head, blow pin and carriage movement.
2. SIEMENS S7-200 PLC, response speed is 0.37μs
3. Blow pin adjust by setting parameters from the touch screen, free from mechanical adjusting.
4.  Replace mechanical structure of hydraulic cylinder and sensor with servo motor and ball screw rod, providing accurate action, quick movement and fast responding.
5. Incorporate with electric lift platform and deflash device.
6. Use famous pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical control element with long life usage.
7. Optionally configurate with automatic material loading machine and product conveyor to meet flow line production.
8. Extruder uses variable frequency control which adapt to the change of extruder rotation speed in blowing process.

类别Category 项目Item 单位 Units 参数Parameter
基本参数  Basic information     类别 Feature / 单层SINGLE LAYER
制品最大容积Production Volume L 10
适用原料 Plastic proceed / PE\PP
模头坯料数量No. of die head / 1
模头中心距 Center distance mm 120
机器净重约 Machine weight kg 12000
机器外形尺寸 Machine dimension mm,L×H×W 4.3*2.7*4.3
模头  Die Head          模头加热段数Die head heating zone / 3
模头加热功率Die head heating power kW 7
开合模系统Clamping unit           模架数量No. of station / 2
最小合模距Min.  clamping distance mm 230
锁模行程Clamping stroke mm 350
最大容模量Max. mold dimension (mm,W×H) 620x495
锁模力Clamping force kN 127
挤出系统Extrusion system        螺杆直径Extruder diameter mm 75
螺杆长径比Extruder length/diameter ratio L/D 24
螺杆转速Extruder rotating speed r/min 10~67
最大塑化能力Max. extrusion capacity kg/h 90
挤出电机功率Extruder motor power kW 22
机筒加热段数Barrel heating zone / 4
机筒加热功率Barrel heating power kW 12.5
动力系统Power syetem               伺服锁模电机Servo  mold clamping motor (kW) 5.5+5.5
伺服电动移模Servo electric mold movement (kW) 5.5+5.5
伺服电动插笔 Servo electric blow pin (kW) 3+3
伺服电动厚薄 Servo electric thickness control (kW) 4.5
气动系统工作压力Pressure of Pneumatic System Mpa 06.—0.8
水冷系统工作压力Pressure of cooling system Mpa 02.—0.3
耗气量Air consumption m3/hr 8~10
热切刀Power of knife  (kW) 2
总功率Total power (kW) 85.9
备注Remark 破碎机选型Grinder recommend hp 10
冷水机选型Chiller recommend hp 8
空压机选型Air compressor recommend hp 10

1. For material cyclic utilization, customer could choose to equip hydraulic automatic filter exchange device, bottom blower, thickness controller, Auto deflash unit.
2. Optional configuration: advanced sealing knife, transverse cutting knife, imported hot knife and cold knife etc.
3. Optional configuration: oblique blow pin, bottom blow pin, needle blow pin, auxiliary cooling device etc.
4.Thickness control system is optional.
5. Permanent brushless DC motor is developed by Leshan for professional use in extrusion blow molding machine. It’s reliable and save energy from 8% to 15% in total.
6. Macromolecular mixture screw. Guarantee the product function and save material 30%-50%.
7. Austria SIGMATEK electrical control system. Execute command speed is tenfold of the traditional model.
8. Remote after-sales service system with the function of automatic system trouble analysis, maintenance record, report form statistics, video transmission, SMS notice and alarm etc.
9. Optional configuration: pneumatic conveying system, conveyor belt, automatic material supplying system, four in one material feeder etc.
10. Optional configuration: leak proof test, in mold labeling, mold rejection pin function, mold stretch function.
11. Machine platform could be move back and forth. It’s convenient for mold installation.
12. Optional configuration: parison folder function, two axes servo driven robots and uniaxial servo driven robot
13. Optional configuration for die-head: spreader type, screw type, continuous extrusion and storage extrusion.
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