Extrusion blow molding machine
Model: SCJ - 55-40-25K2x1. 2D
Category: Extrusion blow molding machine, bottle blowing machine
Material proceed: PE, PP
Application: box ladle, hollow plate, tube, box, ball
Production capacity: 32kg/h+10kg/h+2kg/h 
Output: 5L bottle, 250g, 5,000 / day

Number of die head: 1
Screw diameter: main screw 55mm
Max. clamping distance of mould: 330mm
Min. clamping distance of mould: 130mm
Parison control system: Yes
After-sales service: one year
Processing customized: Yes
Please call+86-757-29376175,Consulting order.

1. Economical equipment, cost is not high, suitable for investment not much and initial industry customers.
2. Dual protection of unique locking frame: first, the guide rail has the valve value electronic components, and the second is that the mechanical limit block is provided at the end of the guide rail to prevent the lock arm from falling off.
3. Inside of the fine machining die, the flow path is free of dead Angle, and professional analysis software is used to measure the smoothness of the runner's runner, ensuring the smooth and fine flow of the two walls.
4. Optimize hydraulic oil circuit design, save electricity, quick action, convenient parameter adjustment.
5. Variable frequency speed adjustable extrusion motor can adapt to the change of screw rotation speed of blow molding process.
6. According to the product characteristics, different mould heads are set up for customer selection.
7. The K series USES the central oil cylinder structure of the back plate, and the locking force is strong and even.

General features
1. It is suitable for plastic hollow products of PE, PP, EVA, ABS, K, TPU, nylon, etc.
2. The four-guide column balance pull rod structure, the lower bearing super hard adjustable guide column and the all-open template design, can hold the super long super wide mold.
3. Please choose the products next to you or go down to the following products to facilitate the production of different products.
4. Touch-screen interface, simple operation.
5. Design of duplex pumps: two hydraulic pumps in parallel oil supply, one hydraulic oil pump in high pressure, another hydraulic pump unloading characteristics.
Low power consumption and low power consumption.
6. Double proportional valve control oil flow velocity and pressure, control flow of reversing valve, brake valve brake, smooth and fast movement;
7. The central force design of the template, the locking force uniformly distributed;
8. CE standard safety design, focus on user safety;
9. The Japanese inverter adjusts the rotor speed and saves energy and energy.
10. Automatic lubrication system, reduce equipment maintenance work.

[page]Product Parameter[/page]

   SCJ 55-40-25K2×1.2D
  项目 Items 单位 Units 参数Specification
基本参数      Specification
类别 Category / 双层带液位线double layer with view stripe
Max. Blow Volume  L 2
适用原料 Material / PE,PP,
模头坯料数量 No.Of Die Head / 1
模头中心距 Die Head Distance (Center to Center)  mm /
机器净重约 Net Weight kg 4400
机器外形尺寸 Machine Dimension mm L×H×W 3130X2100X1930
模头           Die Head 模头加热段数 Die Head Heating Zone / 3
模头加热功率 Die Head Heating Power kW 4
开合模系统          Clamping Unit 模架数量 No.Of Station / 2
最小合模距 Min Clamping Distance Of Mold mm 130
锁模行程 Mold Stroke mm 200
锁模力 Clamping Force kN 30
挤出系统      Extruder Unit  螺杆直径 Extruder Diameter mm 55 40 25
螺杆长径比 Extruder Length/Diameter Ratio L/D 23 24 22
螺杆转速 Extruder Rotating Speed r/min 20-60 20-40 20-25
最大塑化能力 Max Extrusion Capacity kg/h 32 10 2
挤出电机功率 Extruder Motor Power (kW) 11 5.5 2.2
机筒加热段数 Barrel Heating Zone / 3 3 2
机筒加热功率 Barrel Heating Power kW 7.2 4.5 2
动力系统            Power Unit 油泵电机功率 Oil Pump Motor Power kW 5.5
液压系统工作压力 Hydraulic System Pressure Mpa 16
气动系统工作压力 Pneumatic System Pressure Mpa 0.6-0.8
水冷系统工作压力 Cooling System Pressure Mpa 0.2-0.3
耗气量 Air Consumption m³/h 5
热切刀变压器功率 Hot Cutter Power kW 2
总功率 Total Power kW 43.9
破碎机选型 crusher recommend hp 10
冷水机选型 chiller recommend hp 5
空压机选型 air Compressor recommend hp 10
    备注/Remarks:      55U,55U
以上机型均可叠加100点壁厚控制系统,叠加后改变的参数如下/All the machines above can be optionally equipped with 100 points parison control system,parameters would be changed as below:
叠加壁厚控制后 After with 100 points parison control 机型  Model / SCJ 55-25K+S2×1.2D
伺服电机功率 Servo Motor Power kW 5.5
总功率 Total Power kW 49.4

[page]Optional functions[/page]
1. To facilitate the feeding, the user can choose to increase the hydraulic automatic filter screen device, which can be added to the lower blow, wall thickness controller, automatic incision drawing or automatic deplaning device;
2. Optional pre-sealing cutting knife, transverse cutting knife, imported hot knife, cold cutting knife, etc.
3. Optional diagonal insert, insert pen, insert pen, auxiliary cooler, etc.
4. Optional thickness controller;
5. Optional and equipped with the self-development of lego machinery for permanent magnet brushless dc motor for plastic hollow moulding machines: high reliability, good stability, and comprehensive energy saving 8% to 15%;
6. Optional macromolecular mixing screw: to ensure the performance of products, save 15% to 30% of the raw materials;
7. Optional Austria SIGMATEK control system, which performs 10 times faster than the traditional cycle refresh mode;
8, optional remote service system: automatic fault diagnosis, maintenance records, statistics report, video transmission, remote SMS notification and alarm, etc., used a powerful, clear;
9. Optional air delivery system, conveyor belt, automatic feeding system, 4 integration feeding machine and other supporting functions;
10. Optional die top needle function, mould internal labeling function, online leak detection function, opening and closing function;
11. Optional before and after mobile platform to facilitate mold installation;
12. Optional pre-clamping function, 2-axis servomotor, uniaxial servomotor;
13. The user can select the shunt spindle, screw or row type mould head, continuous extrusion die head and storage mould head.

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