Samp Type Series Full-Electric
Model No.: S2-250+02-85+65-3
Category: Samp Type Series Full-Electric
Feature: Mono layer
Plastic proceed: PE、PP
Application: Barrel, Jerr can, Bottle etc.
Production Volume: 1.6L
QTY Of Die Head:3
QTY Of Station:2
Total Installed Power I:118.86kw
Thickness control system: Yes
Warranty: One Year Guarantee 
Machine customization: Yes
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1.Servo parison control
Brand new 100 point electric servo parison control system,Response speed 1ms, repeated accuracy 0.005mm.
Servo driven by electric and power transfer by ballscrew,Cup pulling die head for more easier to control the accuracy and guaranteed quality.
2.Electric head lifting
Multiple speed control for die head,fast lift up, and slowly decent,providing stable head lifting motion. 
3.Servo blow pin
Double direction guide rail design for blow pin,with precise ball screw,increasing the riding stability of blow pin.
4.Servo mold clamping
Self developed patented electric mode-locked technology, small power motor with large speed ratio reducer, clamping force is large.
The force of the front and rear clamping plates is uniform.
1 second mold open/mold close (250mm mold open stroke).
5.Servo Carriage
Rear drive for mold clamping , the center of gravity moves downward without shaking, and runs more smoothly.
6.3 in 1 cantilever manipulator,integral assembly ,accurate positioning.
7.Electric driven lifting plate adopting worm gear reducer and guiding technology to achieve the stability, gives greater interior space to the finished conveyor belt.

机型Model S2-250+02-85+65-3
  项目 Items 单位Unit 参数
基本参数Specification 类别 Category / 双层 2 Layers
制品最大容积 Max. Blow Volume  L 1.6L
适用原料 Material / HDPE,PP
模头坯料数量 QTY Of Die Head / 3
常用模头中心距 Die Head Distance (Center to Center)  mm 180~200
机器净重约 Net Weight kg 13000
机器外形尺寸 Machine Dimension mmL×H×W 约5000*3750*4100
模头Die head 模头加热段数 Die Head Heating Zone / 7
模头加热功率 Die Head Heating Power kW 11.5
Carriage system         
模架数量 QTY Of Station / 2
最小合模距 Min Mold Closing Distance mm 265
锁模行程 Clamping Stroke mm 200
锁模板尺寸 Mold Plate Size mm W×H 692X490
摆架行程 Carriage  Stroke (mm) 750
锁模力 Clamping Force kN 240
挤出系统Extruder system        螺杆直径 Extruder Diameter mm 85 65
螺杆长径比 Extruder Length/Diameter Ratio L/D 24 24
螺杆转速 Extruder Rotating Speed r/min 20-66 20-53
最大塑化能力 Max Extrusion Capacity kg/h 130 32
挤出电机额定功率 Extruder Motor Rated Power kW 30 15
机筒加热段数 Barrel Heating Zone / 3 3
机筒加热功率 Barrel Heating Power kW 15 9
冷却风机功率 Cooling Fan Power kW 0.54 0.12
动力系统Power system 插笔电机额定功率 Blow Pin Motor Rated Power kW 3 3
锁模电机额定功率 Mold clamping Motor Rated Power kW 7.5 7.5
摆架电机额定功率 Carriage Motor Rated Power kW 5.5 5.5
抬头电机额定功率 Head Lifing Motor Rated Power kW 2.2
平台升降电机额定功率 Platform Lifing Motor Rated Power kW 1.5
气动系统额定工作压力 Pneumatic System Rated Working Pressure Mpa 0.8
水冷系统额定工作压力 Cooling System Rated Working  Pressure Mpa 0.4
通用制品耗气量(压缩后) Universal product air consumption(compressed) m³/h 22
热切刀变压器功率 Hot Knife Transformer Power kW 2
装机总功率I Total Installed Power I kW 118.86
    备注1 Remarks1   以上机型均可搭载100点壁厚控制系统,叠加后改变的参数如下
The above models can be equipped with 100-point parison control system. The parameters to be changed after superposition are as follows.
电动壁厚控制Servo parison control 机型 Model / S2-200+02-85+65-3
壁厚伺服电机额定功率 Parison Servo Motor Rated Power kW 4.5
装机总功率II Total Installed Power II kW 123.36
    备注2 Remarks2   以上机型均可搭载后置机械手,叠加后改变的参数如下
The above models can be equipped with robot hand. The parameters to be changed after superimposition are as follows.
机械手Robot hand 机型 Model / S2-200+02-85+65-3
主轴电机额定功率 Spindle Motor Rated Power kW 1.5
Y轴电机额定功率 Y-axis Motor Rated Power  kW 0.4
装机总功率III Total Installed Power III kW 125.26
备注 Remarks 冷水机选型(风冷/水冷) Chiller recommend (air-cooled/water-cooled) hp 15/10
空压机选型(加储气罐) Air compressor recommend (Add gas storage tank)
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