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Not "blow" can do Leshan bottle blowing machine

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LESHAN is the new three board listed company (an over-the-counter market for growth enterprises). Founded in August 1995, Leshan is located in Wusha Industrial Park,Daliang,Shunde District,Foshan City. It covers 37570m2 and there are over 330 staffs. Now Leshan has developed into a intelligent equipment enterprise which concentrates on plastics extrusion, design, R&D, production, marketing and service of blow molding machine.

The main products include: blow molding machine series, precision mold, motor series, auxiliary machinery series, key engineering design and construction,etc.,among which the manufacture of extrusion blow molding machine is adopting international standard production and qualify with CE qualification, which is the mandatory certification from the European Union.

LESHAN Intelligent is one of the blow molding machine industry standard drafting unit and national high-tech enterprise in China. It was awarded as THE FAMOUS TRADMARKS OF GUANGDONG PROVINCE, THE FAMOUS BRAND PRODUCT, NURTRUING ENTERPRISES FOR STRATEGIC EMERGING INDUSTRIES FOR GUANGDONG PROVINCE, THE QUALITY MANUFACTURER IN GUANGDONG PROVINCE and so on. Over the years,LESHAN undertook and fulfilled 4 national projects,12 provincial projects and up to 10 regional project. Obtained 3 scientific and technological achievements, developed of 3 enterprise standards and has been authorized 43 patents for utility models, 10 patents for invention. And now, there are still 27 patents are applying, among which include 13 patents for utility models and 14 patents for invention. And LESHAN have 10 domestic trade mark and 5 international trade mark, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam,Egypt,Brazil,Mexico. LESHAN Intelligent was received many great honor such as THE AWARD FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCMENT OF GUANGDONG PROVINCE (3rd Prize), THE AWARD FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCMENT OF FOSHAN CITY (2nd Prize)and THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCMENT OF SHUNDE DISTRIT (1st Prize).


LESHAN Intelligent is the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center of Guangdong Province, Registered UN Supplier and The China Qualify Manufacturer authenticated by TUV. The whole process of the R&D, design and manufacture are accomplished by computer system. Every year, LESHAN Intelligent devotes 5% of total sales amount in technology research and maintain close academic exchanges and cooperation with Wuhan University of Technology, Xi'an Jiao tong University, South China University of Technology, Guangdong Automation Engineering Association and Guangdong Institute of Mechanical Engineering. At present, Leshan Intelligent has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Foshan University.

LSHAN Intelligent has remote service system, the after-sales service and personnel training support for global users and with mobility spare part warehouse. LESHAN Intelligent is one of manufacturers which could provide all-around technical training freely in China. And it is also a supplier that could provide comprehensive planning on blow molding production line (supplier of key project). To provide convenient installation service at any time for all customers, company set up the WeChat installation system.

Over 20 years development, LESHAN Intelligent is becoming one of the enterprises that has strong R&D, powerful technical innovation ability and huge production capacity in the industry. Every year, LESHAN Intelligent produce extrusion blow molding machine over 500 sets. Meanwhile, LESHAN Intelligent reach a good cooperation relationship with many famous enterprises in the world and China top 500 enterprises. Such as Unilever, P&G, Walch, Mobil, Danone, BP, Unity, Shell, Petro China, Wahaha, Liby, MengNiu, Yili, Nice Group, HAOCAITOU,JuneYao Group,etc.

In the future, LESHAN intelligent will start the strategic of worldwide footprint. Realize the diversified of machine and service in the industry of packaging machinery by take advantage of network and highly automatic production technology. Rely on Internet, Mobile Internet, Big Data and Cloud Computing to achieve diversification, intelligentization and Industry 4.0. At the same time, in order to realize a Branded intelligent machine manufacture, LESHAN will expansion business throughout the world.

With the hard work, innovation, courage and insistence of the Brand, LESHAN Intelligent believes that we will be the world leader of intelligent device.


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